Aadhar Card Application: Apply for Aadhar Card easily!

Aadhar Card Application has been one of the most important things to apply for an Aadhar Card offline. There are many ways by which, one can apply for Aadhar Card but not everybody is comfortable with it.

Aadhar Card Application –

Let me tell everybody reading this article an important thing, We all can apply for a Passport or a Pan Card online but the case with an Aadhar Card is completely different. You can only apply for an appointment date in your nearest aadhar card office.

The application and verification will only be provided to you in the nearest Aadhar office on the appointed date.

Aadhar card Application

Aadhar Card Appointment Online –

As I said, Aadhar card cannot be applied online, you can apply for an appointment to your nearest eAadhar Centre. Follow each and every step listed below to book your Aadhar card appointment and get your Aadhar Card Application form.

  1. Head over to the official Aadhar Card Appointment Portal.
  2. Now, You need to locate the Nearest eAadhar Center to your location to book an appointment for applying for Aadhar Card…
  3. As you do all the steps mentioned above, You need to select the Search Criteria based on your preferences like manual, Pin Code, etc…
  4. Now, Proceed after entering the correct information.
  5. Now, you would need to fill up all your details and pay a nominal fee via your Debit/Credit Card or net banking
  6. Done, You will be provided with the Timings and the date of appointment for Aadhar Card Application.

If you have already applied for you Aadhar Card, then you can check the Aadhar Card Status and should also download eAadhar Card.

Now, There are many people reading this article who might get confused or will not understand this method. Well, you can have a look at the YouTube Video for more reference.

Conclusion –

I hope that I finished all your doubts about Aadhar Card Application which you had in your mind, If you have any more questions or suggestions regarding this topic then be sure to comment down below and we promise to reply back within 24 hours.

Stay Tuned.

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  1. V Naren Kumar

    I have done by aadhar card last month. I Checked in net showing it is no description .

    Kindly update.


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