eAadhar Card Download: Download Aadhar Card easily

Aadhar was launched by the government to ensure that every information about a person can be saved on an identity card. Well, In this article We will be talking about some of the best ways to download an eaadhar Card.

As you are reading this article, I guess you have already checked your Aadhar Card Status and now looking some best ways to download an Aadhar Card.

Note: The admin of this website is not responsible for anything which goes wrong in this process.

Download Aadhar Card by Enrollment ID:

Downloading an Aadhar Card is one of the easiest jobs to do nowadays. You just need to have the enrollment number which you get while registering for an Aadhar Card and the user’s name.

Let’s have a look at the full step-by-step tutorial 😉


  1. Head over to the Official UIDAI Portal.
  2. Now, Select the Enrollment ID option which can be found on the top most of the form.
  3. Fill in your 14 digit enrollment ID and every other detail which is asked on the form like Pin code, Address, Captcha etc…
  4. After doing this, You will receive an OTP on your Registered mobile number for verification and security purposes.
  5. After that, The file is downloaded in a .zip format, You need to unzip it by using tools such as Winrar and daemon Tools.
  6. Now, You can view the download PDF file and you will be good to go 😉

Download Aadhar Card by Aadhar number:

This is another awesome way to download an Aadhar Card! All you need is Your eAadhar Card number and your registered mobile number to receive an OTP.

  1. Open the Official UIDAI Aadhar Card Portal in your Browser.
  2. Now, Click on the Aadhar number option.
  3. Now, Enter your Aadhar Card number and your registered mobile number and every other detail which you provided while registering for the Aadhar Card.
  4. Provide your RMN (Registered Mobile Number) for verification purposes.
  5. Enter the OTP which you will receive and then you call follow all the steps which I mentioned in the above method.

Download eAadhar Card by Name/Mobile Number –

There are chances that you might have lost your Enrollment Number or your Aadhar Card Number as it takes a lot of time to get the Aadhar Card Approval.

Well, You need to follow the steps mentioned below to download your Aadhar Card by Name/Mobile number.

aadhar card download

  1. Head over to the Resident UIDAI Portal.
  2. Now, Click on the Find UID/EID Option to proceed further.
  3. As you proceed further, You need to provide the correct name, mobile number and email address which was submitted for Aadhar Approval.
  4. Enter the Captcha for Security Purposes or to prove you are not a robot.
  5. Click on get OTP.
  6. You will receive the OTP on your registered email address and mobile number. Enter it carefully to verify yourself.
  7. Download the eAadhar Card.

Download Aadhar Card Without Email ID/ Mobile Number:

This method can be a little bit complicated for some people as there are many people who don’t have smartphones. Well, If you have access to a Smartphone, You can surely try out this method.

  1. Turn On your Android/iOS Mobile Phone and Download the Aadhar Portal app via the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.
  2. Now, After Download and Installing the app, Open the app and Enter your Enrollment ID and your correct name.
  3. Now, The App will ask the user to enter a mobile number. Don’t Worry, Enter any mobile number as it will be used for Verification purposes. In Simple Words, You will receive a One-Time-Password to the Mobile Number given.
  4. Now, Solve the captcha to prove you’re a real person.
  5. Click on Download and your Aadhar Card will start to download in a PDF format.
  6. You can copy the PDF File to your PC and print it.

Note: We did some research and found an app which is very similar to the Aadhar Portal App! You can also use the mAadhar App which is easily availble on the Google Play Store and is also Government certfied! It also ensures full security of the Aadhar card holder.

Note: The Zip File of your aadhar card is password protected! The Password for the Zip file to download your Aadhar card is your Postal Code which you gave while registering for an Aadhar Card.

if you are still having problems to download your Aadhar Card, You can check out the YouTube video given below for more and detailed information.


These are the steps which can be used to download an e-aadhar card easily to your PC/laptop. incase, all of these methods fail to work, then try contacting the nearest Aadhar Card branch for further assistance.

In case, You’ve already downloaded your Aadhar Card and looking to check out the status, You can Checkout Aadhar Card Status Enquiry.


If this article helped you in any way to download an eaadhar card, then feel free to comment down below or If you are facing any problems or have any queries regarding this topic then feel free to comment down and we promise to reply back as soon as possible.

Now, There might be chances that the site might not respond. Well, don’t panic at that moment as the site is very unresponsive nowadays.

If you would like to apply for an Aadhar Card then you should have a look at the Aadhar Card Application.

Stay Tuned for more info.


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